ABCs of CapitalG

At CapitalG, we invest in growth. We help technology companies scale with support from Google’s vast expertise and resources.

a) Growth stage investing

Founded in 2013 in Mountain View, California, we began as Google Capital, a growth equity investment fund. We changed our name to CapitalG in 2016, after Google created Alphabet to serve as its parent company. Though our name has changed, our goal remains the same: to make return-driven investments in leading companies around the world and help entrepreneurs rapidly grow their businesses.

b) Accelerating growth with Google

Our Google connection is our key asset. We call on experts from Google’s offices around the world to help our portfolio companies grow. Our strategy is simple yet effective: we identify where we can add value, and then engage the right advisors to support each portfolio company. This unique approach includes mentorship programs, thought leadership events, and tailored, one-to-one, problem-solving sessions with Google experts to help solve key business and operational challenges.

c) World class​ operational expertise

CapitalG works with Google experts to advise on product, engineering, marketing, sales, operations, and other essential areas to help companies scale effectively. The Googlers draw upon knowledge from their day to day roles to offer valuable technical advice—from scaling architecture, to making the transition to the cloud, to mobile development, to cybersecurity, and much more. Our functional expertise enables us to unlock key revenue drivers and cost savings for our companies as they accelerate their growth journey.