Get to know our entrepreneurs

What’s it like to launch and run a tech growth company? From coding in rocking chairs to being inspired by aerobatic flying, CapitalG’s portfolio entrepreneurs each have their own unique perspective.

Robert Hohman

CEO, Glassdoor

How typing a Star Trek program into a TRS-80 wound up launching a company.

Ryan Aylward

CTO, Glassdoor

Think a garage is the ideal place to build a startup? Think again.

Joshua Reeves

CEO, Gusto

Whether it’s exploring building sites or helping small businesses, the Gusto CEO is driven.

Edward Kim

CTO, Gusto

He wanted to be a filmmaker. But Edward Kim was actually starting a different marathon.

Girish Mathrubootham

CEO, Freshdesk

What does a 5-month wait for insurance on a broken TV have to do with the birth of Freshdesk?

John Schroeder


Let’s face it: not every founder’s story involves aerobatics and a space-robot cooling machine.

Dan Atler


Dan Atler acquired his passion for data as a teenager working for his parents.

Kenneth Lin

CEO, Credit Karma

A career story launched by Las Vegas and greeting cards? Watch to learn more.

Ryan Graciano

CTO, Credit Karma

Did Ryan Graciano really code the entire Credit Karma website from a rocking chair?

Tim Morse

CEO, Ten-X

What role does company culture play when you’re scaling from zero to, well,

David Thompson

CMO, Ten-X

It’s not every day that you meet an opera-singing CMO who sings the entire Frozen songbook.