Give Yourself Credit provides more than 50 million consumers financial peace of mind by tracking their credit and finances all in one place for free. Credit Karma’s goal is to help its members make the most of their credit by offering insightful saving recommendations based on unique data comparisons.

Credit Karma's Growth Story

Kenneth Lin founded Credit Karma in 2007 to offer free credit scores in an industry where such promises had usually resulted in fees and conditions. By bringing new levels of transparency and access to credit reporting for American consumers, Kenneth in turn wanted to help them take control of their financial health more easily.

The company launched its product in 2008 right before the recession, with a business model that depended on the financial system. The early years were a story of perseverance, but as the economy shook off the effects of the recession, Credit Karma soared, realizing explosive growth, expanding its product outward from credit scores to include a Credit Score Simulator, credit monitoring and friendly personalized information to help each member make the most of their individual situation.

Today, with a breadth and accessibility unparalleled in the industry, Credit Karma has over 400 employees and 50 million members, who account for roughly 20 percent of America’s total consumer debt¹.

¹Based on the New York Federal Reserve Q2 2015 household debt figure of $11.86 trillion and Credit Karma’s September 2015 member levels.