CrowdStrike. We stop breaches.

Founded in 2011, CrowdStrike provides next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and pre and post incident response services. The company’s product CrowdStrike Falcon is the first true SaaS-based platform for endpoint protection that detects, prevents, and responds to attacks at any stage.

CrowdStrike's Growth Story

CrowdStrike was founded in 2011 when McAfee’s former CTO and former Head of Threat Research both recognized that conventional security solutions were incapable of withstanding sophisticated persistent attacks from skilled and determined adversaries. Traditional AV vendors simply were not equipped to identify and block the new types of attacks aimed at the most vulnerable part of every organization’s IT infrastructure: its endpoints. CrowdStrike was able to overcome these obstacles by embarking on a strategy no other security vendor had been bold enough to attempt: constructing a 100% native cloud architecture from the ground up.

As a result of its unique strategy, innovative technology, and visionary management team, CrowdStrike has more than tripled its growth of total billings and employees year-over-year, and significantly increased its core customer base. The strong financial performance is driven by massive worldwide deployments of CrowdStrike Falcon by global Fortune 500 companies across diverse sectors such as technology, banking, financial services, and oil and gas.