Customer Happiness, Refreshingly Easy

Freshworks  is a SaaS-based customer support platform that provides multi-channel support to more than 50,000 customers in 140+ countries via phone, email, chat, website, and social networks. The company has also launched Freshservice, a cloud-based IT service desk solution for companies requiring internal IT support.

Freshdesk's Growth Story

In 2009, Girish Mathrubootham returned to India after having worked in the US. He used an international shipping company to transport and insure his belongings. But when his property arrived two months later, his TV was broken.

After 6 months and multiple emails to the shipping company, there was still no sign of his insurance claim being settled. Frustrated, Girish posted his experience on the forum that had recommended the shipper. Within a day, the shipping company resolved his issue. This was Girish’s “Aha!” moment. What he couldn’t accomplish in six months was solved in two days using the social power he had as a customer.

However, social channels also multiplied the challenges already faced by customer support teams. Girish started working on ideas for a customer support solution that could address those challenges for companies. Freshworks was founded.

In the past five years, Freshworks has grown exponentially, and today, the company has 500 employees on 4 continents, and has more than 50,0000 customers.