Helping businesses everywhere put their people first.

Gusto is fundamentally changing how the world works by empowering everyone to put people first. Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, HR, and personal finance by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful.

Gusto's Growth Story

Why isn’t paying employees an easier, more enjoyable process? What could make doing work and getting paid truly rewarding? How can we bring the “humanity” back to compensation?

Those were the questions Josh Reeves, Edward Kim and Tomer London wanted to answer when they started Gusto. They had been frustrated by overly complex, unnecessarily expensive payroll options when they started their previous companies, and all three of them happened to have family members who ran payroll as well. Josh, Edward and Tomer were confident that compensation could mean so much more to everyone involved, and they assembled a team of dedicated individuals that shared the desire to solve this critical business problem.

Since Gusto’s launch in 2012, the company has processed billions of dollars in payroll. Today, Gusto has 300 employees, offices in San Francisco and Denver, and is serving tens of thousands of businesses nationwide. Josh, Edward and Tomer are proud of the progress the company has made, and they’re just getting started.