Innovative Optical Solutions for Next Generation Networking.

InnoLight designs and manufactures high-speed optical components with world-class performance and cost that enable next generation, Web 2.0 datacenters.

InnoLight's Growth Story

After spending years working in Silicon Valley, Innolight’s Chairman, Mr. Hsing Kung, and CEO, Mr. Sheng Liu identified an opportunity in the Chinese 10G and 40G optical modules market and moved to China to found the company.

While breaking into traditional enterprise and telecom carrier markets proved difficult, the emergence of data center operators that demanded shorter product development cycles and cost-effective solutions paved a way for InnoLight to gain traction. Soon, the company established its position as a key player in leading-edge optical component packaging technologies, optical module design know-how, and unique low-cost testing capabilities.

Today, InnoLight is headquartered in Suzhou, China, and has more than 1500 employees, and sales offices and R&D centers in China, USA, and Taiwan. The company’s products include a comprehensive suite of 10G and 40G optical transceivers as well as a growing number of leading-edge 100G products. Customers include major Web 2.0 cloud operators, tier-one equipment OEMs, and leading system integrators in North America, Europe, and Asia.