Looker is a new kind of data platform — a radically simple approach to data built on today’s technology – that delivers data analytics, data exploration and business insights to every function of a business.

Looker’s Growth Story

Looker CTO and co-founder Lloyd Tabb spent decades studying computer languages and innovating business applications for modern architectures. For many years, he had watched as the promise of getting value from big data continued to be unmet. By 2011 he knew it was time build a true data platform where anyone in a company can both explore and analyze all its business data, and to go beyond the piecemeal offerings that were in the market. In 2012, Lloyd teamed up with friend and former colleague Ben Porterfield to begin building the Looker data platform.

Lloyd and Ben based their first technology bet on a belief that has proved out – databases would get faster and more cost-effective. Today, we are in a data revolution where companies are collecting massive amounts of data and storing them in super-fast, inexpensive and modern databases. With Looker, companies can finally extract value from all this data. Looker allows organizations from startups to large enterprises to understand all their business data in ways that simply wasn’t possible until now.

Looker drives true data cultures, where more teams can access broader sets of truly reliable data – freeing the data teams to focus on more value-add development and giving data-hungry users all the answers they need to make better business decisions.

Lloyd and Ben founded Looker’s culture on the principle of partnership – employees, customers, investors – everyone is a partner. This approach helped drive innovation, trust, respect and ownership with the singular goal of making Looker customers successful, one customer at a time. As of 2017, Looker has nearly 1000 customers, including Sony, Amazon Prime Now, The Economist, Kohler, Etsy, Lyft, Red Bull, Nordstrom, Square and Kickstarter.