Practo - Your Health App

Practo’s mission is to help improve human longevity by simplifying healthcare. Founded in 2008, Practo has created Practo Search, Asia’s largest healthcare discovery platform used by millions of consumers every month, and Practo Ray, the practice management solution of choice for thousands of doctors managing millions of patients and digital healthcare records every year.

Practo's Growth Story

In 2009, Practo’s co-founder, Shashank ND, asked his doctor to email him a copy of his medical report. The doctor was unable to do this, since his medical software lacked email capability. The experience made Shashank realize that there is a profound need to transform the healthcare industry and center it around the patient.

Shashank and his co-founder, Abhinav Lal, decided to change this by founding Practo and building a product – the cloud based clinic management software, Practo Ray – that was designed from the ground up for doctors. Then in 2013, Shashank and Abhinav launched, a doctor discovery platform on desktop and as an app that allows consumers to find the right doctors and book instant appointments.

Today, Practo Ray is used by doctors to manage millions of patients and healthcare records every month, and is the world’s largest healthcare appointment booking platform with 40 million appointments managed every year across 15 countries and 50+ cities.