Stripe is a technology platform that developers use to build and run internet businesses. Hundreds of thousands of businesses – ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies – rely on Stripe’s software tools to securely accept payments, expand globally, and create new revenue streams.

Stripe’s Growth Story

Having built a number of apps in the past, Patrick and John Collison knew first-hand the difficulty of accepting payments online and selling to people anywhere in the world.

While the internet is theoretically borderless, this is completely untrue when it comes to transacting online. Most people in the world are prevented from actually participating in the internet economy. It seemed obvious that there should be an instant-setup payment platform for developers that could scale to serve businesses of any size — from newly launched startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Stripe launched in September 2011, and has since become the default platform for building and running an internet business. Much more than just accepting payments, Stripe helps its users incorporate a company, block fraud with advanced machine learning, and pay out to third parties. Today, Stripe processes billions of dollars a year for hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe, making it one of the largest platforms in the world for digital entrepreneurship.