Where Real Estate is Moving.

Ten-X (formerly Auction.com) is the nation’s largest online real estate marketplace for small and large investors. Over $7B of residential and commercial real estate was sold on the company’s online platform in 2013. Ten-X is transforming the real estate market by bringing transparency, access and improved price realization to a wide array of sellers and buyers.

Ten-X's Growth Story

Ten-X (formerly Auction.com) was founded in 2007 by long-time auctioneers and entrepreneurs, Jeff Frieden and Rob Friedman. The company focused on selling distressed homes via live auction events. In 2008, Jeff and Rob began to leverage internet technology to create what is now the nation’s leading online real estate marketplace.

When the foreclosure crisis hit, the company became the go-to resource for financial institutions looking for a better, faster way to market their distressed assets. The business expanded again in 2009, adding commercial real estate (CRE) properties to the mix, and today, the company has begun to transition into the traditional, non-distressed real estate market.

Since being founded, Ten-X has sold more than 200K residential and commercial properties totaling $34+ billion and now employs more than 900 professionals in Irvine and Silicon Valley, California, and in offices in key markets nationwide. The company’s reach extends across the globe to include buyers from more than 100 counties.