Zscaler is working to make the internet safe for business.

The internet security company, Zscaler, enables organizations to fully leverage the promise of cloud computing, mobility and the internet of things with unparalleled protection and performance. Founded in 2008, the company ensures that more than 15 million employees at enterprises and government organizations worldwide are protected against cyber attacks and can safely use the internet for business.

Zscaler's Growth Story

Jay Chaudhry founded Zscaler when he realized that so many customers of his previous companies were struggling to effectively secure their organizations from internet threats. Point solutions and appliances couldn’t handle either the scope or volume of modern-day attacks. He knew that scale was an important part of the solution and thus the name, ‘Zscaler’, which stands for ‘Zenith of Scaleability.’

Unlike most SaaS companies, Zscaler has started with the world’s largest companies. When the firm began to protect the 1.8 million employees of the National Health Services of the UK, the 350,000 employees of a Fortune 10 company and the 130,000 employees of a global bank, the team knew they were on to something.

Today, Zscaler is used by more than 5,000 leading organizations, including 50 of the Fortune 500, and has hundreds of employees around the world.