Stephan Somogyi

Product Manager, Google Security and Privacy


Stephan Somogyi works in security and privacy product management at Google. He’s currently on the Chrome team, developing new approaches to make computing safer and more privacy-preserving. Previously, Stephan led the expansion of Safe Browsing, Google’s system that protects over three billion devices worldwide from malware and phishing. He also built and led Motorola’s Privacy Engineering team after the acquisition through the launch of the first Moto X; worked on End-To-End, a project to make strong encryption more usable; as well as a variety of other security and privacy efforts.

Prior to joining Google, Stephan held a range of global security and product management roles, including stints at VMWare and Infineon. He was previously the Director of Products at PGP Corporation, and has also worked in brand strategy and information design. In a former life, he was a business, technology, and design journalist, writing for the Economist, the Financial Times, Wired, and I.D. Magazine, among others.

He can be found on Twitter @thinkpanzer