At CapitalG, our connection to Google is our key differentiator. Google is home to some of the world’s greatest thinkers in Machine Learning so we partnered with Google's Engineering Education team to offer Google's internal Machine Learning training program, built by engineers for engineers, to CapitalG portfolio companies.

Google’s ML Expertise

The program includes interactive workshops, seminars, and mentorship sessions taught by Google Machine Learning experts. Our goal is to support our portfolio companies by sharing skills and knowledge that Google developed in building Machine Learning concepts and techniques at scale.

Applied Introduction to Machine Learning

ML@CapitalG features a 3-day, onsite program taught by Google engineers that includes Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course and content that highlights Machine Learning problem framing, data preparation, and feature engineering.

Advanced Practitioners Week of Machine Learning

For advanced practitioners, a series of in-person sessions over a week focused on advanced Machine Learning topics such as sequencing, deep learning and neural networks, classification and deployment to production.

Ongoing Partnership

Participants become part of a growing Machine Learning community, mentored by Google experts.

This program is only open to employees at CapitalG portfolio companies. To explore the universe of Machine Learning educational opportunities, visit Learn with Google AI at